Friday, June 24, 2011

2011 Cutest Kid Contest!


We Are SO excited for the month of July as we are having our very first Children's portrait contest!

Here are some of the details...

The Entry fee is $50 per child and each entrant received a 5x7 of their entry photo!

Grand prize winner receives $500 in prints and digital files!

The Contest is limited to the month of July. All entry photos are posted on the JessFoto Facebook page. The photo with the most 'Likes' will receive the grand prize!

Contact us by Email to set up your appointment! There are a limited number of available appointments.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Dave and Kerry - Aruba

Dave and Kerry had a destination wedding at The Divi Resort in Aruba!

The weather was absolutely perfect - every last inch of Aruba looks like it should be on a post card!

I love the natural colors of the Island - Aruba is gorgeous...
Kerry wore a beautiful necklace that Dave had given her as a gift... and speaking of gifts, I love the personalized embroidered handkerchief for Dave's mom, Twigg.....

Kerry's beautiful dress had floral accents while her bridesmaids wore fabulous hot pink and white patterned bridesmaid dresses... Love the colors!

Love 'The first sight" when couples see each other before the wedding ceremony.....

It allows for some quick shots before the ceremony....

Off to the sunset ceremony at The Divi Phoenix... on world famous Eagle Beach...

Husband and Wife....
One of my favoritest shots from the group photos.....
Their reception was amazing.... but my favorite was their first dance, barefoot on the beach... how romantic!
For all of my destination wedding clients, I encourage them to take advantage of the area for some day after photos.... For Dave and Kerry, I was dying to go to the famous Divi tree back on Eagle beach.... We met at The Divi and started out shoot there... I loved the texture of this wall...
We grabbed a cab and headed down to Eagle Beach..... Thats the shot I had in my mind!
Oh hello Rainbow...
Heading back to the hotel.... but not before a special shot for Dave's mom, Twigg, who I just love to pieces.
The Cabanas back at The Divi were awesome.... and fortunately no one was up yet using them..

The next couple of photos say everything there is to say about having your wedding in Aruba....

Dave and Kerry - Thank you so much for having me as your photographer! I loved documenting your beautiful wedding!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Catching up....

Imagine how awkward I felt when chris asked me the other day "Have you really not updated your blog since July 2009?"

hmmmm......... yes, it was true.....

I have had some amazing assignment already this year and i can't wait to share....

Thank you for checking this blog often and leaving some fancy comments :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Lola and Michael

I spent a beautiful Saturday morning with Lola and Michael, capturing their beautiful family portraits..

Mimi and Popsy came along for our session.... what a great idea to include grandparents for the family portrait session!

Three Generations of beautiful Ladies...

Popsy's little girl!

Friday, July 10, 2009

What happens after our session.....?

The excitement is overflowing when a client gets portraits done... new babies, engagements, families, seniors, weddings, etc...

In the time we live in, instant everything, it is hard t practice patience when it comes to most things.... i mean, when I wait in line longer than 5 minutes to get a coffee at starbucks, it gets to me!

So I thought," hey, I should pobably let people know what is happening to their photos between the time we take the photos and the time their websites are released...."

Almost every single photo that leaves my hands are tweaked, and perfected and color balanced before any client sees them.... I think that has a little bit to do with being a perfectionist and a LOT to do with having OCD about pictures.

Some people know that I got most of my training by working in a high end photography lab, so most of what I saw was the finished product... gorgeous printing and perfect color and sharpness.... I think that has remained with me and unfortunately means I spend too much time infront of Photoshop!

Here are some examples of some images right out of the camera and then what it looks like with some "magic"...

okay, back to my Friday Night date with Photoshop!

new things to blog......

SO.... what a whirlwind of a wedding season it is right now!!!!

In April we witnessed as Lisa and Jason exchanged vows... in May we watched as Jamie and Elizabeth had an amazing wedding in Napa Valley.... June brought us to Jenn and Brians big apple wedding under the Brooklyn Bridge.... and who could forget to mention Rose and Alex's (aka RoLex) four days of wedding events in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

and somehow inbetween these amazing weddings, I got to photograph some of the most gorgeous babies and kids.... Kevin, Sadie T, Jesse, Hannah, Timmy, Olivia, Ellie, Tate, Jessie, Julie, Eliza, Nathan, Sadie L and Ellie H, Ariyanna, Charlotte and a few more!

Also, I would be crazy to not mention the ambush bachelorette party that Rose's friends threw for her... that event was like nothing I had ever photographed before....... to say the least!

and I almost forgot.... we photographed some charity events for The Jimmy Fund as well as Chernobyl Childrens's Project

All in all, it has been extremely busy around here and I find myself wishing I had four hands to get everything done.....

okay, back to work for me!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kate and Jared: Engagement

Since the day I met Kate, I knew that I would love her forever. We met on a warm summer day when I photographed her family at their home in Newton, MA.

So when she called to tell me that Jared had finally proposed to her, I screamed!!... I was SO
 excited for her because I know she is going to have an incredible wedding!

Here are some of the photos that we did for her engagement session at Crystal Lake in Newton, their home in South Boston and a little stop in downtown Boston.... 
We had a blast!

Thank you Kate and Jared for the hours of laughing! Im looking forward to your wedding!!!!